Stax x Mali
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Puppies Born: April 15, 2016
Puppies ready to leave: June 10, 2016
A Perfect Pet is so excited to announce our upcoming olde english bulldogge breeding between "A Perfect Pets Mali" and our male bulldogge "Stax". "Mali" is a "Bubba" daughter produced with us and is owned by wonderful clients here in Denver. We have been waiting a long time to have a litter with this gorgeous girl and are confident the babies will not disappoint. Blue Bulldogge "Stax" will be a nice compliment to our blue fawn female bulldogge "Mali" they will produce thick, wrinkled bodies and large heads. They will be agile and athletic and range from 60-80ib. They are very healthy and so so sweet! We have so much health history available behind both of these gorgeous Olde English Bulldogges. They have excellent personalities! We have a variety of colors including Platinum blue, blue fawn, blue fawn tri.
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2 male & 2 female bulldogge puppies pictured below from Stax x Mali.
Puppies in the picture below are in the order of boy,girl,girl,boy.

Charlie, Mag-Pye, Una Tria, Upchurch


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