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rare blue tri bulldogge a perfect pet
A Perfect Pet blue tri bulldogge
Olde English Bulldogge “Echo”
(SIRE) “Shakas Deuce”
(DAM) “Ginger”


13 (Small)
14 (Small)
Olde English Bulldogge “Lacey”
(DAM) “Champion Kellys Lucky Lilly”
(SIRE) “Kellys Stax”


42 (Small)
Olde English Bulldogge "Dreamer"

What “A Perfect Pet- Olde English Bulldogges” looks for in a quality Female Bulldogge:

Many people have been trained to think and feel that the male is the most important factor in a bulldogge breeding combination. How do you feel? I feel that if your reading this paragraph your a researcher. You want the best, your willing to put the work into finding the best possible bulldogge puppy for your family. So because your that person you know well that a high quality female bulldogge is equally important in the breeding of two olde english bulldogges. I feel very strongly about my girls. Again not only are these oeb’s (olde english bulldogges) my pets and beloved companions but they are the future of our next generation of bulldogges. I take this responsibility very seriously. I not only want to produce a puppy that makes your family happy, I want to produce dogs that are able to carry years worth of strong generations of healthy, lovable bully puppies. I have said it many times on my website that I do not sell to breeders, although I don’t put breeding restrictions on your female puppy. There are many risks in breeding your female bulldogge and I will make you fully aware of those risks. Many of my clients want to carry on the lines and feel it would be a shame not to breed their new bulldogge companion. I totally understand these feelings and will advice you in the proper courses. I own and produce top breeding and show quality females but that does not always mean that you should breed them. Please email me for more information.

I do not expect anything less of my female olde english bulldogges then I do from my
male bulldogges. Both are very important factors when considering a breeding pair. I personally look for a slightly different body build in my breeding females. I look at the last 3 generations behind my females. I look for very specific factors in those generations which I will not disclose here as it is a trade secret :) What you need to know is the way my breeding females look may not always be the way that their puppies will look. Thats my goal. I look for specific traits in my females that allow them to birth naturally but will still give me the desired bully look in my puppies. So this is where trust in me comes in. If you tell me you want a puppy that looks like an english bulldog I will tell you which female and male to adopt your puppy from. You may say well Im not crazy about the way the mother looks, that may be so but I know what to breed together to get the look I want in a healthy manner. This rule does not apply to most breeders, if you don’t like the parents stay away from the puppies. That is the general rule. It is true that in any given litter I will have a variety of looks and styles in that litter, I will not steer you wrong. If you want a puppy that resembles and english bulldog I will direct you to that puppy. If you want a OEB that resembles and american bulldog I can direct you to that. I have been breeding long enough that I know how puppies are going to turn out. Its important to note that I do produce a very steady look among my bulldogge puppies. Look at my past puppy pages and watch the puppies grow. If you like what I have been producing over the years you will love your new olde english bulldogge puppy that you adopt from me!

The Health of our Female Olde English Bulldogges is top priority!

As always the first and most important factor is health. I do not breed a female bulldogge if she is unhealthy! So the way “A Perfect Pet Olde English Bulldogge’s” determines if our females are healthy is we use a local bulldog specialist to to a full and thorough exam. We have our breeding female bulldogges checked for hip and elbow dysplasia, skin conditions, eye conditions, digestion, and breathing health.

The confirmation or body build of our female olde english bulldogges is very important!

The next most important factor in my female bulldogges is their body build or confirmation. Just like our males we want our females to be bulky, muscular, wide, and thick. We want their back and legs to be straight and strong.
Their heads must be large and bulky. We do not find it attractive when a female has a small and disproportionate head.
Color is the last and least important factor and does not have a bearing on quality in my opinion.

“A Perfect Pet” has female bulldogges that carry and produce rare colored olde english bulldogge puppies!

We do not breed for color! A good bulldogge breeder always puts the health of the bulldogges as most important. We at A Perfect Pet have worked for years to breed olde english bulldogges to be healthy, gorgeous canines and we feel very confident that we have achieved our goal! The rare colors of bulldogge puppies we have for sale are just the icing on the cake for you. If you like blue bulldogges, chocolate tri bulldogges, and many other rare and unique colors in your future bulldogge puppy we will be able to get you the health, structure and the color all in one package for you! Many olde english bulldogge, and english bulldog breeders in colorado and in the surrounding united states breed solely based on getting a certain coat color in their puppies. Look hard, do your research, you can get into many health issues with these rare dilute color genes if they are not breed carefully and properly. Please educate yourself and make a smart decision on your future bulldogge puppy based off of knowledge, trust in your breeder, and health screening. Do not base your decision off of emotion! Our female olde english bulldogges are loving and will impress you with their stunning looks and beautiful puppies they produce!

a perfect pet olde english bulldogges logo
All of our Olde English Bulldogges here at A Perfect Pet in Denver, Colorado are very special to us.
Only approved homes will be considered for our olde english bulldogge puppies.

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