Bulldogge Puppies Available Soon!

This page will give many details on bulldogge breedings and bulldogge puppies coming for this year. Please read carefully the information and scroll all the way down to see pictures and information about our
bulldogge males, bulldogge females, and bulldogge puppies. These olde english bulldogge breedings are going to be fantastic! A Perfect Pet produces healthy, rare colored olde english bulldogges. Our goal is health always and will not be compromised! A perfect pet plans on having rare platinum blue colored puppies as well as dark chocolate, chocolate tri, blue fawn, black, and lilac bulldogge puppies in Denver, Co and can deliver most places in the united states as well as canada, mexico, europe, and united kingdom.

Please note:
If you want to adopt top choice bulldogge puppies you need to plan ahead, as you can see our bulldogge puppies sell quickly because we provide so many benefits to our clients and our bully babies. Here is your chance to reserve your position for this year!


Text Melissa Hodge (208) 880-2952

Now accepting reservations for our future 2020 litters:
Female/Male Reserved for Julie in Ft. Collins!
Male/Female Reserved for Ida in Pennsylvania!
Male/Female Reserved for Kevin in New Orleans, Louisiana!
Female/ Male Reserved for Mike in California!
Male/Female Reserved for Najwa in Maryland!
Female/Male Reserved for Russ in Texas!
Male/ Female Reserved for Thane in CT!
Male/Female Reserved for Katrina in Denver!
Position Available!
Position Available!
Position Available!
Position Available!
Position Available!


Implanted Microchip
IOEBA registration Papers
Needed Sets of Vaccinations + deworming sessions
Life-time support/help from your breeder (me)
Start training with Potty/Crate training and basic obedience/manners/socialization.

The way our Reservation Process works:
Once you place your deposit for an olde english bulldogge puppy you receive a choosing position to pick from any of the puppies and litters that are available from A Perfect Pet.
We do not require you to choose a litter or puppy that your not pleased with. We do ask you to communicate with us on a regular basis so that we know your intentions and hopes.
Our goal is to get you a puppy that you love to death!
We can explain our reservations procedures in more detail if you are interested!

Information on Olde English Bulldogge breedings, and litters!
This page will show you A Perfect Pets olde english bulldogge breedings for 2014. All bulldogge breeding are carefully thought out as to good combinations for health, agility, personality, and good looks! We give our female bulldogges breaks with having litters and if we feel at the time of breeding that they need a longer break or if the vet feels they are not perfectly suitable for another litter at that time we will not breed our female bulldogges. Our goal is to get you a healthy puppy from a healthy mama bulldogge that fits your family perfectly.

How Much are Bulldogge puppies? Is my deposit refundable or transferable?
The deposits made for a bulldogge puppy are always transferable to another litter. Our deposits are non-refundable. Please do not place a deposit is your not ready for the commitment. We view our deposits as agreements that we will be loyal and work hard for you and your to us so they are not refundable. We are not interested in pressuring our clients into placing a deposit, we want it to be the right timing for our clients. These are the bulldogge breedings we having coming for this year, I update often as to the positions available. Please call, text or email melissa at 2088802952 or
mybullypup@gmail.com for more information and pricing. We do not list the price of our bulldogge puppies on our website because we do not want people sending money for one of our bulldogge babies without having a chance to speak or email with you. If I don’t know anything about you or your family how can I make sure I’m producing a puppy that will fit your desires? I can’t. Please contact me with any and all questions about our olde english bulldogges, I would love to help you! Our deposit is $350 to reserve your position to choose a bulldogge puppy. Our puppies are not cheap but we would love to work with your budget for future litters and we also accept credit cards. If your looking for a quality bulldogge puppy that has the proof of health to back them up and a long standing reputation through us then you already know that you will not be able to look for a “deal” on a bulldogge puppy. It costs a great deal to breed responsibly so be very cautious of people are are selling their bulldogges very little, or those who call themselves hobby breeders, or those who say their dogs are healthy but have no proof of that health. You can not properly health screen your breeding bulldogges cheaply, the bulldogge breeder will have to cut corners to do so and therefore you as the client and new bulldogge owner will be the one paying the price later. You may purchase a bully for a low price but believe me you will make up for it in vet cost and heartache throughout the life of your bulldogge.

Will my bulldogge puppy have any training?
I love to adopt to people who have loved bulldogges their entire lives and want to make sure they are getting a quality puppy. We home raise our dogs and puppies. We do not have a kennel facility. We start training our bulldogge puppies to sit, come, stay, back, off, down, quiet, leave it, no chew, and potty training at 2 weeks of age. We find that rather then telling our bulldogges “no” we tell them what we want them to do. Positive reinforcement training works like a charm with this breed of olde english bulldogges. Rather then getting a crazy, out-of-control, and scared kennel puppy with no training, you will have a bulldogge puppy that is confident, well mannered, well socialized, and has an amazing start in potty training and looking to you with obedience.

Will my Bulldogge come with full breeding rights?
I do not generally sell to breeders because I expect a certain lifestyle to be given to the puppies I adopt out. I do not want them to be kennel dogs or in a mass breeding facility. I want them to be loved, cuddled, trained, and given years of wonderful companionship as they will give that to you. Please make me fully aware of your desires, wishes, and circumstances so I can better assist you. I will send you pros and cons to breeding your new bulldogge as well. Most breeders will tell you that you can pay your puppy off by breeding them a couple of times. I will be totally upfront and honest with you about the risks and benefits to breeding your bulldogge. I will not candy coat the realities of breeding as I feel it would be devastating to you and to your bulldogge if you get into something over your head. Please ask for more details.

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