Stax x Echo

Puppies Born: Dec 26, 2015

“A Perfect Pets” Male Bulldogge “Stax” has been bred with “A Perfect Pets” Female Bulldogge “Echo”! We are very excited for this combination and are expecting an athletic, muscular, thick and wrinkled bully. These puppies will have the bulk and still have the athletic ability. Both parents have amazing personalties and have had incredible puppies in the past, we are expecting nothing less with this upcoming bulldogge litter. Please check our each dogs individual page as well. We are expecting a variedty of colors from Platinum blue, blue fawn, possible blue tri, red fawn and possible black seal. The pups will range from 50-75ib and be 15-18” tall. These pups will not last long, please contact me for more information and details on how you can be a part of our adoption process. We are accepting deposits now for all of our 2016 litters.


Click on the puppies pictures below to see more pictures of our 2016 Stax x Echo litter!

Bertha33 (Small)Sanora37 (Small)
Fanny20 (Small)Sissy36 (Small)
Winnie36 (Small)Tuscon37 (Small)

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