Olde English Bulldogge Male:

MALE BULLDOGGE COLOR:Black Seal/White or Seal Bronze
WEIGHT: 85ib

DOB: Aug 19, 2011
(SIRE) “Carreras Teddy ”
(DAM) “Kellys Blue Blossum”

blue fawn male bulldogge bruno

(SIRE) “Bubba”

What “A Perfect Pet- Olde English Bulldogges” looks for in a quality Male Bulldogge:

Confirmation or Body Build of a male Bulldogge:
A Perfect Pet looks for several very important factors when selecting a quality breeding olde english bulldogge male. Our first priority is health. We can not stress enough how important it is to start off with a healthy male to breed to our females. Above all else we look for good confirmation. Involved in looking for good confirmation on a male olde english bulldogge is having a bulldog specialist take radiographs of our male bulldogges hips and elbows. You may not think this is an important step but take it from me, it is. Most likely your reading this as you consider adopting your new olde english bulldogge or english bulldog companion. You have talked with several bulldog breeders who “say” their dogs are healthy. Well, where is the proof? You can have a bulldog that does not show any signs of bad hips or elbows but when you X-ray you find convincing evidence otherwise. Now in the real world just because a bulldogge does not have great hips when you look at them through radiographs does not mean that that bulldogge will require surgery or have lasting horrible pain for its life. The problem comes in when you breed that bad-boned bulldogge. The odds of him passing on bad hips is magnified, the puppy you adopt from him may not be as lucky, you may end up with a dog that is in constant severe pain. The cycle goes on and on. Its important to realize that when dealing with nature there is no way to completely control every factor. You can take a Male Bulldogge and a Female Bulldogge that have excellent hips, breed them together, and still get a puppy with bad hips. Its not always predictable. Our goal at A perfect Pet Olde English Bulldogges is to minimize the odds of bad bones in your future bulldogge puppy. We start with the best breeding stock of olde english bulldogges. We do not breed unhealthy bulldogges.

There are several things you see with your bare eye when considering if a male has good confirmation or not. One thing is looking at the male bulldogge from the front. Does he have a wide chest that does not extend outward vertically beyond his front legs? This will appear to look like bulging shoulder muscles. Some bulldogge breeders will say that this is a good trait, that their bulldogge male is muscular. Unfortuntely this is not a matter of being muscular this is bad bone structure and will cause problems in the movement of your bulldogge.

*Front Legs/feet: The next thing to look at in a Male bulldogge are his front legs and feet. Many people have a picture in their brain from cartoons of the bow legged bulldogge. Although you may find this enduring to you it seriously affects the bone structure of the dog. Just imagine if you were knock-kneed or severely bow-legged. Would you be comfortable or have pain from activity? Its not different for dogs. Good front legs and feet need to be straight, facing forward and not have large building joints. Big bones are good but not big joints, its usually the result of inflammation and deformation in bone growth.

*Head & muzzle: The head is important also. Although the head does not have a direct bearing on the health portion of structure its the first thing we notice when we look at an adorable wrinkly bulldogge isn’t it? The head of a male bulldogge should never be small or unporportioned to his body. A Male Bulldogges head should be evenly set between the shoulder with a strong neck supporting it. For an Olde English Bulldogge the muzzle should be apron 1.5” long. The nose should have broad open nostrils (nares) so as not to restrict air flow.
The muzzle should be wide and the brow of his forehead should be wide.

*Ears, Eyes, & Jaw:The ears should be medium sized and flop down, never standing. The bulldogge ear set should be to the side of their head, not sitting on top of their head. When the male bulldogges mouth is closed he should have a moderate underbite. “Wry Jaw” is a fault that affects the eating pattern of your dog is is a disqualifying factor in show standards. Wry jaw is where the the upper jaw and the lower jaw do not align, the top jaw will fit down crocked over the bottom jaw.
The male bulldogges eyes should not be set close together or too wide apart. They should not be protruding from their sockets. They eye lids should not have second row of lashes to cause severe irritation to the eye requiring surgery. This trait is genetic. The male bulldogge should not have cherry eye either. This trait is generally genetic but small bubbles can appear when your dogs eye lid is injured that are not cherry eye and will heal in a couple of days.

*Back:Next we look at the back of the bulldogge. There should not be a huge dip in the shoulders of the bulldogge or “roach” or hump in the back. A slight roach is good on a straight back. The back leads into the bulldogges tail-set. The tail should not be set too high or too low on the male bulldogges hind end.

*Back Legs & Tail: The back legs of a bulldogge should be strong and muscular being just a tad shorter then the front legs. The hips and thighs should have good muscle mass as well. When the male bulldogge is standing naturally their legs back legs should be straight and set wide apart but not appearing wider then the front legs. The legs should not tip in or out to be cow-hocked or piggen towed.
Show standard calls for a male bulldogges tail to be left in its natural state. Tails range from screw tails, handle pump tails, and straight tails. Docking the tails is not considered a disqualifying factor with most registries. I personally doc my puppies tail to keep my pup uniform and clean. A Screw tail can eventually cause major infections with bulldogges if they get moisture in the tight kinks often so I dock them to avoid that problem.

*Coat & Color: The hair coat of the male bulldogge should be thick, shiny, and shorthand. The shedding for a male bulldogge should be expected in the spring and fall and at a very minimal level during the rest of the year. Much of this depends on the food that he is being fed.
Bulldogges come in many colors. The standard colors are fawn, orange brindle, white, and black and white. Some bulldogges can be a grayish color called blue. The color “blue” and tri colors are very rare in the bulldogge world.

Internal health of a male olde english bulldogge:
The next things to consider and some of the most important things is internal health of the male bulldogge. Some of these can be seen with the naked eye but its important to have a bulldogge specialist exam closely the bulldogge. Its very important for the male bulldogge to have a healthy immune system, not being prone to infection like many english bulldogs or a bad digestion system. Bad digestion in a bulldogge leads to bad breath, runny stool, bad gas and discomfort for the bulldogge. Many times bad digestion like bloat is only common in english bulldogges but has been seen in olde english bulldogges as well. This trait is not okay to have in a breeding male bulldogge.
Heart murmurs are very common in standard english bulldogs and olde english bulldogges. The level of the heart murmur will dictate if your bulldogge is affected or needs medication. The breeding male bulldogge should not have a heart murmur due to this trait is generally genetic and therefore he will pass it to his puppies. The lungs of the male bulldogge need to be strong, clear of restriction and most importantly the tracia (throat) should be wide, open, and clear for breathing. Its common to hear english and some olde english bulldogges breathing very heavily, hocking up mucus and passing out during activity due to air restriction. The male bulldogge should be what I call a “free breather”

Personality of a male olde english bulldogge:
The personality of a male bulldogge should be calm, relaxed and cool. The male Bulldogge should be brave and protective of his human family but not aggressive towards dog or people. The male bulldogge should look to be obedient and loyal. The male bulldogge should have drive to accomplish the given task but not be hyper or uncontrollable. Male bulldogges are very goofy, silly, and what I call ham-bones. They love to be the center of attention and they know how to get it. They do such adorable and off the wall tricks that will have you smiling constantly!

Believe it or not all of these standards will not only give a male bulldogge good confirmation, agility, and movement but it will create a very strong, good looking male that is dignified and beautiful!

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