A Perfect Pets- Olde English Bulldogge Stud Service

We do occasionally consider stud service or breeding females who belong to other people. Although usually its very, very rare. We are very particular about the females and the qualifications so that we ensure we are doing our best to better the breed and keep our males record of wonderful puppies strong. Please review as well the qualifications we use for what makes a quality breeding female or breeding male bulldogge on “A Perfect Pets” Bulldogge Males Page and “A Perfect Pets” Bulldogge Females page before contacting us.

Currently the males we are offering possible stud service with is
“A Perfect Pets” male bulldogge “Stax” and “A Perfect Pets” male bulldogge “Bruno”

If you are interested in having Olde english Bulldogge puppies from our males please send me an email with the following information about yourself and your female:

(1) Your name

(2) Location

(3) Information about the female to be bred.
*Name, registered parents names, what registry she is papered with, time of estimated heat cycle, age, and pictures of your female from the front, side, and back.

(4) Information on your females health background. Any health issues? Results of radiographs or hip testing etc.

(5) What your intentions are for the breeding and what you plan on doing with the puppies produced.

(6) Are you a breeder or an individual dog owner? How long have you been around OEBs?

After reviewing the above information please contact:


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