-Breeding Olde English Bulldogges Responsibly-

This page is dedicated to our beautiful female bulldogges that we at “A Perfect Pet” has had the privilege and joy of owning and loving over the years. We take the responsibility of breeding these gorgeous mother bulldogges very seriously and are very concerned about keeping them safe, happy, and healthy. Our Mother Bullies hold a special place in our hearts because there is a close attachment formed through the pregnancy and birthing of their little baby bulldogge puppies. They become very trusting of us and we have seen the pure natural instincts and love that was designed to be in these mother dogs. I feel there is something so special about the way our girls will interact with us when they have their puppies, when we spent days sleeping cured up next to them and their new litter and when you feel them behave with you as if they truly appreciate your helping them. Its an endearing experience I wouldn’t betray them with. We are careful about choosing our breeding mama dogs structural build and character. We look for specific qualities and traits that we have found to be best suited for whelping (birthing) babies. And we are very well trained in assisting the births of the babies. We are not slow about getting professional veterinarian care when we sense our girls need additional help as well. We have been very happy that over the years we have needed very few c-sections and our goal really is for our girls to be able to whelp naturally.
Its also important to us that our Female bulldogges are not over bred. We do not breed them to young nor too old. We typically only will have a few litters with them and are willing to spay and retire our girls early if they seem to have a harder time then normal with having their puppies. We feel they deserve to enjoy their babies and still enjoy their life. We wean the pups at a safe age for the babies and a reasonable age for our mothers so they don’t get to drained from the litter. We will evaluated and give the needed breaks in between litters and will not breed our girls unless they are in optimal condition. When we feel they they are ready we will spay our girls. The most difficult part of what we do is making the decision to adopt our retired mother bulldogges to close friends, family, or well known clients. Optimally we would keep our precious girls forever and I hate that we can’t. As stated on as part of our moto we will only keep about 3 bullies as our own so that they are given the deserved amount of attention and love. If we kept our retired girls we wouldn’t not be able to continue to have puppies because we would have to many dogs for what we feel is fair for them. We have been very happy with the result of our responsible bulldogge breeding adoption program over the years and love to stay in contact and in touch with our friends and clients that are spoiling and loving our retired mother bulldogges. Below are just few of our smiling girls faces, click the individual pictures for more information about each retired female bulldogge. Our girls are normally retired by the age of 4 or younger and usually have 1-3 litters. We do not have retired bullodgge females for adoption very often but your are more then welcome to inquire and establish contact for the future. Contact Melissa at mybullypup@gmail.com


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