“Kelly Bulldogge’s Bubba” of A Perfect Pet
2011 “Best in Show” Winner
Rum-Bull in the Rockies IOEBA Show

champion bronze seal bulldogge bubba
I personally don’t show my bulldogges very often because the shows are usually very far away and my dogs are family pets. We breed our male and female bulldogges to be show quality and therefore I knew my male bulldogge bubba would do great in the show ring. There happened to be a show near colorado in utah that we decided to attend for fun. My bulldogges are trained to sit when people walk up to them, not stand on point to be showed off so I thought bubba was going to be his normal goofy self and we would not win anything. I was fine with that. When I walked my male bulldogge bubba into the show ring it was like her knew he was being showed off. This bulldogge pranced into the ring perfectly, stood strong, and totally posed as the judges checked out carefully his structure, teeth, and bones. He loved the attention. Our first time in the ring and my male bulldogge won “best in class”. Next Bubba won “Best of Males”, then “Best of Breed” and overall and most importantly my silly baby boy bulldogge Bubba won “Best in Show” over all the breeds present. I knew he would have the body, confirmation and movement to be the best but he just proved he had the heart to be the best also. This bulldogge and me had a ton of fun at the show, thanks for all the hard work of the sponcers and judges for this great ioeba dog show!

The pictures below are of our special male olde english bulldogge stud “Bubba”
pictures were taken may 2014


Pictures of Black Seal or Seal Bronze Male Bulldogge “Bubba” Below Taken May 2012
black seal male olde english bulldogge
black seal bulldogge bubba
famous black seal bulldogge bubba
male bulldoggg bubba
side profile of an olde english bulldogge
black and white bulldogge
olde english bulldogge black and white

Pictures of Male Bulldogge “Bubba” Below Taken Feb. 2012 (1Year 7 Months)
olde english bulldogge denver colorado
olde english bulldogge black seal
big headed olde english bulldogge
blackand white olde english bulldogge for sale in colorado
black and white english bulldog
english bulldog for sale in colorado
olde english bulldogge stud
bulldog in denver
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A Perfect Pet’s definition of a quality Olde English Bulldogge Male is Bubba!
Our Male Bulldogge Bubba is such a loving sweet boy. I love love love this dog. We are such great pals, I can’t imagine my life without him, he is so perfect! He is a very loyal olde english bulldogge, and he is willing to learn. He loves big bear hugs and to cuddle, he does great with kids and other dogs. He is very healthy he has had his hips xrayed, elbows xrayed, heart checked, eyes and skin checked.....He is the whole package! He has another year of filling out to do in his head and chest along with building muscle tone. We love him!

Male Bulldogge “Bubba’s” Sire and Dam shown below

Pictures of Our Male Bulldogge “Bubba” Below taken June 2012 (1 YEAR)

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