All of these babies have been adopted!

Stax x Dreamer

Litter Birth Date: Jan 19th, 2017
Litter ready to leave: Mid March
DSC0238542 (Small)

Our beautiful blue male bulldogge "Stax" has produced a stunning litter with our "Dreamer" a black and white healthy female bulldogge that has a great build, size and health history! We have black and white and possible seal bulldogge puppies and one Red Fawns with black mask female. Dreamer is a big girl that has and excellent thick build, big bones, head and wide chest. This litter should produce nice sized thick stocky bullies that have the athletic ability to be active with your family! Both Stax and Dreamer have great personalities and calm sweet demeanors so we are expecting their babies to have excellent personalities as well! We have had a litter between these two before and the puppies are turning out very nice and reports have been positive for health, personality, training, and appearance! See their last produced litter here! We are expecting this puppies to range from 60-90ib and be 16-19" tall. They will be athletic, muscled, bully and have excellent temperaments! These babies won't last and they will not disappoint! We can't wait to see this litter grow! Email me for about availability and getting a deposit in to reserve your choosing position!

Rare Black Seal Female Bulldogge
Delta15 (Small)
Delta9 (Small)
Delta14 (Small)
Delta17 (Small)
Notice Deltas beautiful black Bronze/seal coat.
Adopted by Amy in California!
Delta gets to stay with her sister Francie!

Black/White Female Bulldogge
Adopted by Amy in California!
Francie gets to stay with her sister Delta!

Gretta6 (Small)
Adopted by Dennis in Texas!

Bernice2 (Small)
Adopted by Ashley in Seattle, Washington!

Baker2 (Small)
Adopted by Autumn in Las Vegas!

Bunkie1 (Small)

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