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Female Bulldogge “Lacey” is a very sweet and lovable girl. She has such an enduring little face and he eyes are just precious and kind. She is always happy and is amazing with children and all animals. She is thick and stocky but still very agile and athletic. She is a free breather as well! She has been xrayed and fully screened and her bone structure looks amazing! She is young and has much maturing to do but we are looking forward to many years of companionship with her. She is a fawn with a black mask and about 55b. She stands about 16 inches tall. Her father is our Blue Male bulldogge “Stax”

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COLOR: Fawn/ Black Mask
DOB: Oct 22, 2014

(SIRE) “Kellys Stax ” (DAM) “Champion Lucky Lilly”

Above is a picture of young Lacey with her mama Lilly.

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