“Bubba” X “Ling Ling”

DUE: Aprox. May/June 2013
Pups ready to leave: Aprox July/Aug 2013

Ling Ling will in heat soon and will be bred to Bubba!~ Remember that Ling and Bubba have had 3 litters together before and they were all amazing, healthy, gorgeous, bully pups! THIS WILL BE LING LING’S LAST LITTER! Do not miss out on one of these pups, they are incredible! See bubba x ling first litter of bulldogge puppies here! See bubba x ling second litter of bulldogge puppies here! See bubba x ling third litter of bulldogge puppies here! These puppies will range in size from 60-100ib depending on the puppy. The colors will range from blue, blue fawn, and black seal. These puppies will be amazing, do not hesitate to place your deposit as these puppies will adopt out quickly!
Click here for more pictures of Ling Ling!

Call or text Melissa


(2) 2 Sets of Vaccinations + 3 deworming sessions
(3) Implanted Microchip
(4) IOEBA registration Papers
(5) Start training with Potty/Crate training and basic obedience/manners/socialization.
(6) CD with fun pictures from Birth to Adoption.
(7) Life-time support/help from your breeder (me) :)

Melissa 208.880.2952 or email mybullypup@gmail.com

Now Accepting 4 Reservations for “MALE” Bulldogge Puppies:
Male-Reserved for Ken in California!
Male-Reserved for Matt & Annie in Fort Collins, Colorado!
Male-Reserved for Andrew & Destiny in Greeley, Colorado!
Male-Reserved for Jeff & Abbey in California!
Male-Reserved for Renzo in the Caribbean!

Now Accepting 4 Reservations for “FEMALE” Bulldogge Puppies:
Female-Reserved for Mike in Florida!
Female-Reserved for Cristina & Family in Denver, Colorado!
Female-Reserved for Becky & Family in Wyoming!

Solid black Seal/White
Female Bulldogge
Image 38
Image 41
Image 65
Adopted by Mike in Florida!

Orange Brindle/White
Female Bulldogge
Image 15
Image 19
Image 8
Orange Brindle/White
Female Bulldogge
Image 206
Image 208
Image 212
Image 215
Image 216
Image 227
Image 228
Image 230
Image 232
Image 233
Image 234
Image 235
Image 238
Image 242
Image 243
Image 244

Image 94
Image 66
Image 67
Image 68
Image 69
Image 70
Image 72
Image 81
Image 85
Image 92
Adopted by Renzo in the Carribean!

Solid Fawn/White
Male Bulldogge
Image 71
Image 70
Image 74
Adopted by Ken in California!

Solid Black Seal/White
Male Bulldogge
Image 98
Image 107
Image 103
Adopted by Destiny in Colorado!

Orange Brindle/White
Male Bulldogge
Image 86
Image 92
Image 84
Adopted by Jeff and Abbey in California!

Solid blue/White
Male Bulldogge
Image 23
Image 21
Image 35
Image 28
Adopted by Matt and Annie in Colorado!

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