Stax x Annie

Birth Date: 2-29-16
Genders: 2 females
Ready to leave: End of April

Blue Fawn Female Bulldogge
BlueFawnGirl3 (Small)
Contact Melissa for more information
Reserved for Tyler and Melinda in Michigan!

Blue Female Bulldogge
BlueGirl4 (Small)
Contact Melissa for more information
Reserved for Justin in Wisconsin!

Meet the Parents:

Stax x Annie

“A Perfect Pets” Male Bulldogge “Stax” was bred with “A Perfect Pets” Female Bulldogge “Annie” and their baby bulldogges have arrived! This will be our little Annies last litter and we confident they will produced some precious, oooy goowy babies! They will have lots of wrinkles and chub to love! We thought about this combination carefully and this will be a litter that will be great for our families who are looking for a laid back sweet and wrinkled bully. They will not be optimal for families who want to be able to jog for long distances or do long hikes. They will still be free breathers and very athletic given their thick builds and they will still be able to be active of coarse! We are very excited to see this little wrinkly babies grow up. Stax and Annies personalties are so sweet and fun and we know these pups will be very lovable and amazing companions as well. Please check our each dogs individual page as well. The pups will range from 50-65ib and be 15-17” tall. These pups will not last long, please contact me for more information and details on how you can be a part of our adoption process. We are accepting deposits now for all of our 2016 litters.


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